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Отзывы о NZBFriends

« NZBFriends bills itself as a Usenet search engine with a unique algorithm. The site does have a very nice search engine with some advanced features that Usenet fans may be very appreciative of. [...] Currently, the site has over 7,288,125 NZB files from more than 2,000 groups available. This, without a doubt, is an impressive figure and certainly makes the site worth taking a look at. It’s comprehensive enough to keep most users happy. »

« NZBFriends is fast and easy to use. [...] Not to be confused for a Usenet provider or newsreader software. Both of which you will need to download from Usenet. NZBFriends will help you find your topic of interest across millions of newsgroup posts without having to resort to downloading headers. Along with the search function, you can also browse specific newsgroups. »

« NZBFriends is a good done simple but powerful search engine for Usenet binaries. »